Baby Feet - Cast in a Glass Block

A Celebration of life to cherish now and forever


After becoming a Mum herself, Gina wanted to to have something for herself to honour the precious life that she had nurtured for 9 months. A reminder of that moment that is gone in a flash. By creating Baby Blocks, Gina now has that precious life locked in that moment forever.



Gina creates your Baby Block from beginning to end. From the initial mould of your babies feet to the firing and polishing of the Glass Block, each results in an extremely personal work of art.

Glass seems to convey something of the fragile nature of newborn babyhood, although glass and babies alike are more robust than they look. Each unique cast sculpture is charged with memories. Every line, every tiny toenail tells a unique story of the child's personality. Great care is taken when creating these precious gifts, from the skills used in hand crafting them, to the simple yet stylish gift boxes in which they are presented.

The Baby Block making process is complex and time consuming. The full process will take a minimum of 6 weeks to complete, resulting in a unique and extremely personal work of art.