9 easy steps to get your Christmas Presents ready

Plan It! Get Organized With Christmas Checklists

There is 7 weeks until Christmas, it is coming around fast.  

By spending 15 minutes preparing now, will save you hours of confused shopping, crowds, rushed purchases and forgotten gifts, disappointment that they are out of stock.  Or worst of all, getting a personalised present and finding that there is not enough time to make it.  After all the perfect wedding dress that fits the bride takes on average 6 months to make. 

This time of year is when I take 15 minutes to have a stressfree and enjoyable lead up to christmas.

Have you prepared your Christmas To Do List? Here are 9 easy steps;

  1. Write list of all postal presents, in two columns, titled International and National.  I will put next too their name what the present is or if it is a card only.
  2. Write list of children and teachers.  Put next to their names ideas and maximum dollar value
  3. Write list of family members.  Put next to their names ideas and maximum dollar value.
  4. Write list of friends.  Put next to their names card or present idea with maximum dollar value.
  5. Go through the lists writing down presents under titles of where you will be purchasing them from.  Ie.  Toy store,  Artist/gallery,  Myer, Garden Centre etc.  
  6. Get different coloured highlighters and use them to colour code.  Highlight your highest priority purchases such as mail order, artist or any others that will take time.
  7. Order those purchases.
  8. Write out christmas cards and envelopes.  Send them all at once on the last week of November.
  9. Take shopping list to each store over the coming weeks so that you are not going backwards and forwards to places.

Tip: I reuse the list from the year before and that way I can also see what I got them last year so I can add to it, or not double up, like giving a scarf 2 years running.