Challenging Friends to Buy For

you’ve found yourself looking at that Christmas list stuck for what to buy some of your friends

Most of us have a friend who is challenging to buy for.  


I have a couple of friends in this category.  One has everything, the other couldn't be more different.  She has a very particular taste, and one that is difficult to find gifts for.  My girlfriend isn't into activties that require any exercise, and there is only so many pampering sessions you can buy.  I think alcohol is too impersonal, which doesnt leave much else, especially when my girlfriend loves chickens!
So over the years I have approached various artists, because they put their own style on the theme of chickens, as well as there is little chance that she already has one, plus each year the artist can add to what they have made in the past, or I can choose an artists that uses a different medium.
What ideas have you come up with when buy gifts for your friends who are challenging to buy for?